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Today Is Thanksgiving, I Have Something To Say


Today is thanksgiving, I have something to say, my thanking words are following:

I thanks my mother for giving me life to live in this world for 25 years, and during these years, pain and happiness are always live with me, I thank them, too. They are two main parts of my life.

I thanks the God for creating me to be a human, not a pig, a dog, or something else. I do like to be a man. Although my life is not as good as I wish, I still love my life. Hard life can make me feel that I am alive, good life can let me enjoy my life, both of them are wonderful.

I thinks myself for overcoming so many obstacles in my life and now living a meaningful life. I promise me I will create a better life for me and for others in the future.

That's all, I hope I can thank more, but I heard someone say “no news is good news”, well, can I say “no thanks is good thanks”? This is why I thank for so few things and people.

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