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Traffic Is The Key To Success Of Internet Business

If you have some common sense about internet, you must know the key to success of internet business is traffic. I ever said “where there is a man, there is money.” This is formula is how SEO companies make money. In fact, web designers can't make too much money, SEO companies are making more money than web designers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to build a popular website. One important thing SEO companies do is link building. They build tons of links for the websites of their clients. Now more and more SEO experts realize that archive back links is a good technique to get success of link building.

For me, I don't spend too much time on designing my website, instead, I will spend more time on promoting it. There are many sources that we can use to get traffic. Some popular ones are social networking and social bookmarking, article directories, web press, etc. Nowadays, video advertising becomes more and more popular, I believe it will be the best kind of internet advertising soon. It will replace normal TV advertising.

So what we need is tons of traffic, traffic is everything for internet business.

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