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We Are Friends

 We Are Friends

I don't know what's your attitude to friendship, as to me. I regard it as my life, my blood. I don't have many friends, I can say that I don't have more than 20 closed friends. But I can also say that I treat them as my brothers and sisters. I even won't hurt them with my words. Friends alway have most important position in my heart.

What do friends like? I think about it for a while, now let me express, friends like a harbor for the boat of your heart, friends like the moon shining for your life, friends like a big trees stopping wind for you, friends like  a creek flowing over your heart. Friends are those people when you pain, they can comfort you, and when you are happy, they can share it with you.

What's your opinion? I hope I will have more friends in future.

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  • You are lucky to have 20 friends. That’s a lot.

  • hope friends ending with marriage. :)

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