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We Should Change Our Mind

There are many things that we are doing, but we are too shy too talk about it. Like sex. We all know it is not a bad thing, we do it, but why we feel shameful talking about it? In my opinion, we needn't feel shameful talking such things. Because they are clean and healthy, not ugly. Don't be shy to say that.

I know many people buy Viagra online, they have no courage it in normal store. There is no need to do that. If you do need Viagra, just go to a store and tell seller you need it, don't care about how others will look you. There is no need.

There are many other things that we want to do, but we feel fear to tell others. What I want to tell you is, just do right thing, don't care about others' eyes. There is saying “just go your way, let others talk about it”. I always believe this proverb. We should live following our hearts, not others' eyes.

So next time when you feel you need something, just tell you want it, no need to feel guilty about that, as long as it is not bad thing. This is also the key to your success. Let's say that you want to run your own company, but all of your friends tell you that you won't succeed, what will you do? Will you quit it? What I want to tell you is you should what you want to do, only you can decide your success, not others.

Now we should change our mind.

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