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Westminster Dog Show 2009 Winner – Photos and Video

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Westminster Dog Show 2009 Winner, Sussex spaniel Stump
Westminster Dog Show 2009 is now in its end, and we have known Westminster Dog Show 2009 winner, it is Sussex spaniel Stump! Sussex spaniel Stump is a 10 years old dog, you can easily tell its age from the photo above.

You are now shouting “a 10 years dog won the show?!”, Yeah, it is, in fact, Sussex spaniel Stump is the oldest Best in Show winner in history at the Westminster Kennel Club’s 133rd Annual Dog Show at Madison Square Garden Tuesday night. Now you will shout again for this.

Now let's watch a video about this great event.

Best In Show winner at Westminster 2009! – Stump the Sussex Spaniel

Stump, who nearly died of a medical condition five years ago, just came out of retirement last week. So it is not very easy for it to win this Westminster Dog Show 2009.

Westminster Dog Show 2009 Winner

So what I have to say is, Congratulations, Sussex spaniel Stump and your owner! Very nice work!

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