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“What Are We Living For?”, She Said

One day when I talked with my friend, she asked “what are we living for, Dingchao? Sometimes I feel life is meaningless.” I was not shocked by her thought, because I had the same doubt. I doubt the aim we are fighting for.

But when I think about it with a calm heart, I feel life still has some meaning, it is worth keeping the life. The problem is most of us don't know what we are living for, we just live for life, not anything else. Such aim is very dangerous, because it will make us live like bodies, not human being. So sometimes I think we must create some meaning for our lives, or we won't have happy lives.

I told her, “why not pursuing something that worth your fight?”. Yeah, she agreed with me and she decided to create a new life.

What's your opinion, my dear reader? Will you please share it with me?

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