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What Does Life Mean?

I have no clear idea what our lives mean. But I think  the essential meaning of our lives must be love, love about human, love about nature, love about world. If I am a powerful man, I will give my love to everything, everyone. Let this world be full of love, let pain stay away.

But the truth is the creator let us suffer pain so we can grow, we grow with pain.

Life means mercy in my mind, give mercy to those who need it. Let them feel warm, let winter stay away from them.

Life means passion, life without passion is not a real life. Passion is life itself. Let our lives be full of passion, so we can live happy life.

Life means giving, we shouldn't own everything, when own a lot of things, we should learn to share them with others, let them share our happiness.

Life means friendship. We need friends in our lives. We won't have a happy life without friends. Friendship is one of the most important thing in our daily lives.

Oh, life, what on earth are you?!

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