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What Most Of Us Want Are Only Hopes

We Need Hopes

Believe it or not, most of us are living under hopes, continual hopes. We just need hope to make us excited. We are full of passion when a hope comes into our mind, we believe the whole world will be  in our hands. We can easily get what we want. The truth is we just hope, but we seldom take action, our hopes never come true, they are just hopes, not anything else.

Alas, how stupid we are! We are always cheating ourselves with wonderful hopes, we let us fly in our dreams, but we never wake up.

As to me, I have planned to run this blog since 2 years ago when I was still studying in a university, I didn't open it until 2 months ago. How lazy I am! You can see that. I should have open it since last year, but…

I am not the worst, because I have taken action. The worst thing is never taking action, only just hold hopes, hoping food will fall from the sky. Such thing will never happen.

Is it time for us to take action and let our hopes come true now?

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