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What Should A Poetic Life Be?

Gaiam.com, IncSometimes I dream of a poetic life. But I've no clear idea what a poetic life should be. I just know it must be a free life, full of passion, full of love, full of pain of course.

In common people's eyes, most real poets are a bit crazy, their lives are messy, and they always live in their dreams. True enough. But it doesn't matter at all, it is not bad to live in dreams, it's better than those who have no dreams.

So a poetic life may be suitble for me. You know, I like to live in dreams, they can make me laugh, they can give me pain. How wonderful!

What do you think a poetic life should be?

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  • For me, anything I seek must have satisfying meaningfullness, unique to my own interests and desires, or beyond.

    Even though I’m still young, I know already how to follow my heart, which always leads me in the direction I want to go in.

    So, if I live a poetic life, which is one of my goals, it must serve a purpose. And since I believe I’m not an idiot or a sheep, I doubt any purpose I choose/find would be in vain. How can I live poetically if I’m always logical though? Logic takes the fun out of things, but I hate being a fool at the end of acting on a whim. It’s strange. Am I a human being with free will, or a genetic robot stuck on logic? Are we smart enough to act on intuition without stumbling all the time? The way this society works makes it hard to do anything based on pure impulse or desire. If we do, we’re called psychotic, neurotic, or many other things and find barriers most of the time. barriers of ignorance.

    But it’s one of my passions to live this way, so I was thinking today that I should find a way to live a poetic life. To intigrate poetry in most of my day to day moments. For instance; what about changing the way I speak to people by adding little things here and there that are poetic, like touching up a meal I’m cooking with a special recipe that is barely noticable but does the trick most of the time, or like a cologne that’s not too strong at all, but people are drawn to it.

    Think about it; it could very well spark others’ interests, or even just make them smile.. But mostly, I’d do it for myself, so I would learn more about poetry, more about myself and others, and mainly about life. I’d like life to be more enjoyable since I’ve been living in hell for the last 23 years.

    Also, what about turning everything around me into a peice of a poem? Would it take too much effort? How could it be done? Could it be accomplished with satisfactory results? What if it did work? Would it make me think about other ways to make life better? Would I learn about humanity and the human mind? Would I unlock the secret of poetry and why we love it; and if so, would that help me to get more out of life?
    Or would it simply make things a bit nicer?

    Either way, I think it’s worth the shot. Logic may or may not have got you to ask this question.

    I ask you though, if you succeed, please email me with your results, because if my life doesn’t get better soon, I’m gonna lose heart.


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