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What Stop Our Steps To Success?

Do you know why you can't achieve success, although you have a lot of perfect ideas? Let me tell you, you can't succeed because of the fear of failure in you deep heart. You ever had wonderful ideas and dreams, but when you think about that you may fail, so you didn't take action. You get all kinds of excuses for yourself. This is why you are still working for others, I mean, you are still a small man in some company.

According to my own experience,I can say that ACTION is the key to success. How can you take action? You must kill the fear feeling of failure first. If you can overcome this fear, you can change the world some day. Now let's take a look at what Larry page, one of Google's founders said about that:

There are a number of barriers in place. Let me give an example. In our first founders’ letter in 2004, we talked about the risk profile with respect to doing new innovations. We said we would do some things that would have only a 10% chance of making $1 billion over the long term. But we don’t put many people on those things; 90% work on everything else. So that’s not a big risk. And if you look at where many of our new features come from, it’s from these riskier investments.

Even when we started Google, we thought, “Oh, we might fail,” and we almost didn’t do it. The reason we started is that Stanford said, “You guys can come back and finish your Ph.D.s if you don’t succeed.” Probably that one decision caused Google to be created. It’s not clear we would have done it otherwise. We had all this internal risk we had just invented. It’s not that we were going to starve or not get jobs or not have a good life or whatever, but you have this fear of failing and of doing something new, which is very natural. In order to do stuff that matters, you need to overcome that.

Is that clear enough? Okay, I think now you know how to do if you want to change the world like Larry page. Don't you?

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