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What Will I Have TO Do To Be A Man?


I want to ask you a question, my friend, can a man be as strong as a country? I don't know. But I wish I can be strong enough to help those who need help in the world. I ask myself this question, what will I have to do to be a man? Still have no answer. But I really wish I have the ability to stand out in this world.

Life is not very easy for me, for most of us. I know I have to overcome many obstacles. I have to overcome the pain of losing relatives, friends and even my pets. I promise myself I can overcome all of these obstacles. My life will continue even I encounter very hard times. I will insist myself, just as my little sister from Vietnam wish me to do.

So when I am old I can say to myself “cowboy, you are really something”. That will be my great pleasure to me. Then I can feel I am useful to this world. I am worth to be a man.

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