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What’s The Difference Between You And Others?


— Dingchao, many of my friends say you are very different, can you tell me what's the major difference between you and others?

— Thank you for saying like that. Yeah, I think I am different, oh, unique may be a better word. I think the biggest different between others and me is action. You know, I always take action. When I have a good idea, I will take action to let it come true. Sometimes it turned out that I was wrong, but I didn't regret, instead, I was very proud of having taken action. You know, many of us do have good dreams, ideas, but the point is we are lack of action, so what left to us is dreams after dreams. What a pity!

— Yeah, sounds thoughtful. So how can you do that? I mean, how can you take action when you come up with an idea?

— Uh, I think like this, if I don't take action, my idea will be useless, this is why I often action.

— Thank you.

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