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Where There Is No Love, There Is No Hurt

Whether you believe it or not, hurt generates from love. That is, if you don't have love, you won't have hurt, either. You may think I am crazy. I know I am not, I am serious about it. I believe it. Only people who you love can hurt you, if you don't care about someone, he can't hurt you at all. I mean hurt from brain, not from body. So you have the right to enjoy the wonderful feeling of love, but at the meantime, you have to suffer the hurt from it. You can't avoid it.

But I think hurt is not a bad thing, we can feel love because of hurt, if there is no hurt, there won't be love either. Oh, what kind of man I am! Why do I have such thought? But you know I am a real man, and I do have such thought. Let's face it.

In some sense, hurt is another kind of love. Only your loved people can hurt you, they hurt you, because they care about you, they love you. I care about you, so if you do something I don't satisfy, I will say some bad words to hurt you. Things will be like this. You have to face it.

If you don't have anyone to love, you won't have hurt. Does it mean you will live happily? No, of course no, in that case, you won't know what is love, and what is hurt. What a pity!

So I need someone to hurt me. Will you?

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  • Isn’t that it should be love generates hurt rather than the other way round? I agree with that, you can only be hurt by the someone that you care about.

  • No, I will not hurt you, at least not on purpose.

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