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Wherever I Go, I Just Belong To You

McAfee, IncSome of my friends say I am a wild man because I don't go home frequently. In fact, they misunderstand something, they just see one side of me. The truth is I don't go home quite often because I want to cherish the feeling of miss. You won't miss someone unless you live far from her. That is, the farther you live from someone that you care, the more you will miss her.

In order to miss my family, I must live from them. And I must not visit them quite often. I think this is a very poetic thing. Life needs passion. One source of passion is missing someone. I will work hard when I miss them, to let my passion flow up.

So I want to travel all over the world, live farther and farther from my family. Sometimes my heart is broken because I miss them very much. Sometimes my heart is full of peace because I get power from them. Sometimes I can't help going home, but I don't in the end.

I am not a cold-blooded man, I just express my love in a different way. I hope you can understand.

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