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Why Am I Always Thinking About Life?

You may notice that I always talking about life on this blog, I am talking about every part of life. Why do I do so? You may not know the reason. In fact, I don't know it very clear, I just feel I am always feeling about my life and others' lives, so I have something to say about that.

In my opinion, life is everything. Without life, any other things will be nothing for us, maybe this is why I like to talk about life.

I notice most of us are trying very hard to live decent lives. It is not easy to live a decent life in such modern society. Nearly everything is developing fast except our living condition. I mean most of us don't have enough money to live decent lives, we have to refer to bfads when we go shopping, because we have to save money. We have to send our children to normal schools, because we can't afford the high fee those luxury school require. We have to buy used car, because we our bank accounts don't support buying new cars.

What a cruel world! Don't misunderstand me, I am not trying to tell you that there is no hope in our lives, instead, we do have many many hopes. If you don't have any hope, why not create some? Still remember what I ever said “where there is hope, there is road” ? So keep moving!

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  • Sir, I always use to think about a question getting into my mind.
    the question is “cant you think about others”How can i get reply to this answer.
    I always use to become nervous when this question arises in my mind. i use to fee l tense i lost my happiness from four months. could you please give me a way to lead a happy life and eliminate this type of questions from my mind and make me to think positive always sir.

  • Hi Naresh,

    From the message above I can see that you are a very kind person and you are always trying to think for others, but sometimes you don’t have ability to help them, am I right? I am the same with you. So my advice is: A nobody tries to be himself while a somebody has the entire world in his heart. The meaning is, if you have enough ability, then help others, if you don’t have enough ability, just help yourself.

    Just be yourself and do what you want to do, then you will be happy. Hope my advice helps and hope you have a better life.

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