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Why am I Not Worried About Global Economic Crisis?

We are now facing serious global economic crisis, people are worried much about it, they are afraid of losing their jobs, it is quite normal to see that. But for me, I don't worry about it at all, why? Because I always believe bad thing will convert to good thing in the end. I have a lot of such experiences, I worried about them first, but they turned to be good in the end, so I find there was no need to worry about them at first.

So now I treat the great depress with smile. I say “Yes” to it. My friends can't understand me, they ask me why I can keep calm facing economic crisis. The truth is I have realized our worry is always in vain, so why not let it be.

Just wait, wait, wait, time can change everything, every crisis will turn to be good in the end. So why worry about it?

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