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Why Is Yoga So Popular?

Many people I know are interested in yoga. They attend all kinds of trainings, for example, Yoga instant practice, yoga for man, yoga for woman, etc.

Now I want to know why yoga is so popular in the world these years. I did many research and I found the main reason is yoga is exotic and it is a little mysterious. Most of us are interested in such things, so the result we begin to join yoga like wind. Just like most movies, most of us are eager to watch them when they are first launched, but we will be regret after watching them. This is the same thing as yoga I think. But anyway, I can't say it is a bad thing, I just don't want to admire it like others, and I hope we can treat it with a calm head, not just passion.

In my personal view, I think yoga is a helpful sport, but it is not as good as some said, so we should treat it fairly. What I want to say is don't admire anything, just admire your head. Yeah, only your head is worth admiring, you can use it to think everthing if you want, so why not exploit your head but your body?

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