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Why So Many People Like To Buy Books Online?

I still remember we had to go to crowed bookstores to buy books when I was in the university. Now with the rapid development of internet technology, I seldom visit normal bookstores, I often order what I need on internet. I order Amazon books once a month. And I find most of my friends also like to buy books online.

So why so many people like to buy books online recently? In fact, the reason is simple, online bookstores is very convenient to visit, so we don't need to queue on normal bookstores, and we can always get what we want on online bookstores.

Now I'm thinking one thing, will online book stores replace normal bookstores? I think it is quite possible, but things like this can't happen in short time, it will take several years' time, anyway, internet is still a new thing.

What do you say?

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