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Will I Go Wrong If I Follow My Dreams?

I can’t go wrong!
I have stored many dreams in my memory, I am dreaming of traveling all over the world, I am dreaming of helping those who need help, I am dreaming of living in Africa for 5 years, I am dreaming of being a singer, a writer, a poet, many many dreams! How can I follow all of them in my whole life?!

I am dreaming of having free life, free minds, thinking what I want to think, live a free life like a bird flying in the blue sky. I am dreaming of being a powerful man so that I can give my mercy to those poor people. I hope all of the people in the world can live happy lives as they wish.

I am dreaming of being a rich man, very rich, then I will build a very large manor, then I will summon genius who still don't have proper position to my manor, I will give them food, money, let them do what them wish to do so that they can use their gift. All the people can get right position in my manor. I will unite them to build a new world, a world full of love, mercy and happiness. This will be my the greatest comfort. And this is my greatest dream.

Will I go wrong if I follow my dreams?

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