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Work For Freedom

I know I am working for freedom. I don't work for work. But the cruel truth is for most of us, work equals life. I don't want it. I need to use my brainstorm to make enough money in short time then I can get freedom to enjoy my life. I should be an expert. An expert can make money with his brain. This is really a cool thing. Just think about it, I only need to work 2 hours a day, I can spend the left time on leisure, travel for example. I will be very free then.

I am working hard now, harder than studying in school. I think I will have more time to stay with my family few years later if I earn a free life.

Freedom is the most important thing in my whole life, I'd rather to die if I don't have freedom. I admire those people who fought for freedom in ancient time. I myself will fight for freedom too, just like them. If we human don't have freedom, we are like animals, we can't be called human. Human should have freedom. Whoever you are, whatever you do, you have the right to own freedom. Freedom is like life, in some sense, it is more important than life. Life won't be life without freedom, man won't be man without freedom. We are not slaves (nobody should be slave), so we need freedom, absolute freedom.

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