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“You Don’t Care About Me, Mom!”, She Said



I know a lady, she has a pretty daughter, like mother, like daughter. But she loves her daughter too much to let her do anything. She does everything for her. As a friend, I said to her, “you shouldn't spoiled your daughter like this, Linda, it's not good for her”. I told many things about the harm of spoiling child, she thought I was right in the end, and she decided to stop spoiling her daughter. I suggested her to let her daughter do some housework first. You know her daughter is already 5 years old.

A week later, I met her again, she told me “my daughter complained that I don't care about her.” I am sorry to hear this. I am wondering what are happening on our children. Shouldn't they do some housework? How can they live in this world independenly if they don't try to live by themselves when they are children?

I always feel lucky to be born in a rural area, so I had learned to do everything by myself when I was a child, this is why I can live a very independent life now. I  am really proud of this.

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