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You Told Me You Would End Your Life

One of my readers sent me an email yesterday, he said he was abandoned by his girlfriend, he said he had lost all the hope of life and he would end his life. I am shocked by him, I feel I should help him immediately. Here is a response I gave him, I'd like to share it with you here, and hope it will useful for you, my dear readers:

Dear Tim,

I am very sorry to hear that your girlfriend abandoned you, I am so sorry. You told me you will end your life, you know, I am shocked by you, really. You sent me this email, it indicated that you believe me. Now I feel I have obligation to help you, and I am very glad to help you. 

I haven't fell in love with anyone till now, Maybe I don't know the feeling about love. But in my mind, I still have some attitude toward love. I think the premise of love is not losing life. That is, if I were you, I won't die for love. Love is very important I know this, but I think life is more important, if you lose your life, you will have nothing, without day, without night, without pain, without love, everything will be empty for you, everything will be meaningless. What a awful thing! I always believe that pain is a must component of our lives, when we are painful, we can feel we are still alive at least, So I don't think pain is a bad thing.

I can imagine how painful you are now, true, losing love is a great tragedy in our lives. I have seen many people lose love. But the point is you should overcome it, if you overcome it successfully, you will be a strong man. That's good for you.

I don't have much interest on marriage. So my view is losing a girlfriend is not worth you losing your life. You can get another girlfriend, but you can't get a second life if you lose it. Am I right, my friend? You know, life is everything, nothing can live over life. There is a saying “girls are like clothes”, I am not agree with such saying, but you can regard it as a suggestion, so now we can say “losing a girlfriend is just like losing a coat”. I am sorry, I don't mean to hurt any girls, forgive me. What I do mean is don't sink in the pain of losing love, you should stand and continue your life. Think about it, your parents wish you to be a great man, you have so many dreams in your heart, you should let them come true. Life won't be dark all the time, when the dark is gone, the day will come. Believe this, my friend.

OK, I think you have known what you should do now, my friend, I do hope you have a happy life, despite you are not happy right now, never mind, you will learn to enjoy your life. Life is so beautiful that we all love it. Tomorrow will be a nice day.



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