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Dell Vostro 1720 Laptop Review: Specs, Features and Price

Dell Vostro 1720

Dell just launched their new laptop Dell Vostro 1720, which is a 17” laptop powered by an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 8GB DDR2 system memory, choice of integrated or NVIDIA GeForce dedicated graphics, a 1.3 megapixel webcam with microphone, and option of 6 or 9-cell battery. Dell designed this laptop for small business use. But I think it is also perfect for home use.

As a 17-inch laptop, Dell Vostro 1720 could be a very good desktop replacement. The large screen is good for watching movies and playing computer games.

When used for small business, Dell Vostro 1720 does have some very cool related features. It is packed with some of the latest technologies, connectivity options and comes with exceptional support all at a great price – so you can achieve more while spending less. With Vostro laptops, you get can get the big business technologies without the big business price. This is how Dell design it for small business.

Dell Vostro 1720 Price: Start from $599 (Compare Prices)

This is very affordable for most people. It seems the Dell have realized the impact of downtime for normal consumers, so they cater us with low prices. Of course, this is a wonderful thing for us.

Vostro 1720

Dell Vostro 1720 Business Features:

  • Shield your secrets from prying eyes by using the fingerprint reader for multi- factor authentication or adding an encrypted hard drive plus Trusted Platform Module (TPM) protected network connection for added security.
  • Protect your data with durable hardware options such as solid state drives, 7200 RPM Free Fall Sensor hard drives, magnesium alloy reinforced base and spill resistant keyboard.
  • Help protect your client information, design plans and financial records by subscribing to services such as Dell ProSupport Hard Drive Data Recovery, Certified Data Destruction, Laptop Tracking and Recovery, Remote Data Delete and DataSafe Online backup.

What's better, long battery life, fast wireless connections and Dell's Extended Battery Service help to keep you going without interruption. This is very important for business use.

So what do you think about Dell Vostro 1720?

If you want to learn more about Dell Vostro 1720, you can find it on Amazon and eBay.

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  • The Vostro is a great machine and Dell is giving some good prices at this time. Their online backup service is kind of lame, though. I cancelled it and ended up using http://www.myotherdrive.com for my online backup

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