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Happy Life In College

I graduated from a university last July, now I still have wonderful memory about the life in college. Sometimes we do have happy time. We laughed together, we cried together. We had a lot in commons. We shared ourselves with each other. Someone ever said that friends you made in college would be your life-time friends, I quite agree.

Although we have left from school, the time we lived together always floats in my eyes, making me exciting. I still remember how happy Zhao was when he passed mathematics examination in the end, I still remember how exciting we were when we got 7 pieces of NCAA football tickets from secret channel, I still remember how we made fun of our teachers… A lot of memory! I can't list all of them here. What I want to say is I miss my school life, and I miss my friends.

Oh, my classmates, my old friends! How are you? I miss you very much! Wish you all have good luck and smile on your faces!

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