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Have A Trip Today

Today is Sunday, I am lucky to be free from work. So the whole day is mine. In order to enjoy my young life, I decided to take a trip, the destination is a wonderful park which is far from the city I live, about two hours' bus. I have been to this park three times before. Why do I like it so much? You know I haven't seen the real sea in my whole life. This park happen to have a very large lake, I just pretend it to be a sea, in fact, it is like a sea. So I like it. Facing the vast sea, my heart is expanded, I can feel how nice my life is, I'd like to enjoy it. Facing such large lake, listening to the groan of the lake, my mind is out of my head, it flies to the blue sky. How wonderful! Facing such scene, you will never think about death, calm is full of your heart, your mind, your life, everything becomes reasonable and pretty good.

Here are some photos I took there, I'd like to share them with you:

A Horse

 Me And Ocean

 Me In Sky

 Ocean And Me

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