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I Am Not A Gamer

Don’t be addicted in games!

I don't play computer games, because I am afraid to be addicted in them, so I don't play them at all. I have seen so many people ( students, teachers, etc) addict to play computer games so that they waste a lot of their precious time. Many of them nearly lost their lives. They play games all the day, they don't study, don't work. How awful it is! What will the future be for these people? Do they really have future? I doubt.

Computer games should be a tool for us to play, but it seems that many of us are played by games. Stupid! I can easily see that games are hurting our lives. Of course, I have to admit that where there is need, there is meet. But the point is we should meet our good sides, not bad sides. What do you say?

Are you addicted in playing computer games? What a pity if you are! I hope you can control yourself, don't lose your own life. For me, I am not sure whether I can control myself, so I don't play games at all.

You may say “so what's the meaning of your life if you don't play games to seek fun?”, Here is my answer, there are many things to make our lives meaningful but games. Do you think so?

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