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I Don’t Know Why They Like It

A phenomenon I notice is that more and more people like to play online casino. I don't know why. I only know that they want to make fortunes, but the fact I know is where there is winner, there is loser, so why they still do that? The possible reason I can imagine is life is too hard for them, they can't live by a normal job, so they have to make fortune online. I don't know if this is a good explanation.

I admit that there should be all kinds of lives in our world, but I still adhere one formula, it is, live with you own hand. The reason why I don't like fortunes is that I think they can't prove my ability.You know, living with my own ability is my great pleasure, so I would like to live a life which can prove my ability, prove that I have enough ability to live in this world in legal way. I respect those who live with their strength.

What about you? What kind of life do you like? Do you respect those people who live rich lives with fortune? I'd like to hear from you.

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