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I Don’t Need Insurance

One of my colleagues was very happy when he got an insurance from our company,  for me, I won't be happy like that. You know, I didn't want to sign a contract with the company that I am working in now. I just want to be a free man. But they told me it was illegal to do that, so I had to sign a one year's contract with this company. They told me many benefits of contract. They said I would get an insurance if I sign contract with the company.Iit's true, but you know what I told them? I just said I don't need insurance, I said I'd like to live without insurance. They said I was very very silly to think like that. They said insurance is very very important for me.

I don't think so. My view is since I have lived for my 25 years successfully without insurance, why can't I live my left life without insurance? There are so many people without insurance in the world, they can live safely, why can't I? So I don't believe insurance at all.

Whatever you say, I just don't believe it. I'd rather live a not so safe life, it will be more exciting.

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