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I Won’t Have A Decent Birthday This Year!

Happy Birthday To Myself!

Tomorrow is my birthday, but I am afraid it won't be a wonderful birthday. Because I am busy working for my life. I graduated from a university this July, so I have a lot of things to do. Birthday is not so important for me now. But, anyway, I think I will make a small celebrity for myself. Congratulate me on live for so many years and will still continue to live for the rest of my life. I should be happy about it.

In fact, I haven't had a birthday party for myself from the time I was born. I can't afford to it. In other words, I come from a not rich family. But now, I am independent. I have my own money, I should have a birthday party. Just I should, not I want. Actually, I don't pay too much attention about my birthday. Because I don't know what's the difference between birthday and deathday. Do you know?

Birthday means nothing to me, just as deathday will mean nothing to me. I just want hold on my current time and enjoy what I own. So one day when I am old, I can say to myself “cowboy, you have lived a meaningful life.” This will greatly comfort me.

Well, tomorrow will have no candles, no cake, only me. I will drink with the stars shining in the sky, sing with the moon. This will be my birthday celebrity. I wish tomorrow will be a fine day, don't rain at least. God blesses.

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