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Love What I Love, Hate What I Hate

I am not sure whether it is right to love what I love, hate what I hate. If I hate something, I can't say I love it. I just say I hate it. Sometimes I am a straight man. I can't violate my heart, I won't lie. Yes, it's true I may hurt someone's feeling if I tell him my true feeling.  I am very sorry, but I still can't lie. You know, I am always struggling between telling the truth and lie kindly. This make me painful. I don't want to hurt anyone. I care about his feeling.  But I can't give up my own feeling, either. This is a contradictory.

If I must lie, I just lie with words, I can't lie with Heart, I can't cheat my heart, I can't. If I cheat it, I won't have good sleep for many days. I will feel guilty.

What I can see in this world is lie is everywhere. It seems that the only truth is lie. The truth itself becomes lie. What a shame! Many people have been used to lie. If they hate you from their hearts, they will tell you they love you very very much. If they do love you a little, they will tell you they are the men who love you most in the world. I hate such people. I hate them! I won't make friends with them, and I will stay away from them, I look down upon them. I think they don't have personalities. They have lost personalities.

God bless, I hope you are not one of these people, I know you are very kind. You live under your heart.

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