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Must Learn Something Everyday

Joffreys Coffee & Tea CompanyWe can't stop studying, or we won't catch up with the development of society. There must be something that is worth learning everyday. Just think about it, if you spend an hour to learn something everyday, you will be an expert one year later. What you should do is stick on it, don't quit it, learn everyday.

You needn't to learn with teachers, you can learn everything by yourself, and I believe learning by oneself is better than learning with teachers. This is why I look down upon school education, I like to learn by myself. So I don't have to listen those theories that I don't agree but teachers still teach me, I can expand my mind, just like a wild horse. This is really a cool feeling.

Now I try to find something to learn everyday, so my mind will never be out-dated, and my mind will be alive forever. What do you say, my dear reader?

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  • I fully agree tht one has to keep on learning. The fun is there too when you discovered thaat you knowmore things. However, one aspect of learning is self-development. It is the learning without a physical teacher that is important. If there is dependance always for someone to teach, then learning will be slow and tedious plus taxing. Learning should be self-directed to be fun and exciting. Happy self-learning.
    Principle of Mathematics

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