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See The Humor Aspects In Things

I hate those who are always serious on everything, it seems that they are the god, and they refuse enjoying the happiness in their lives. They don't smile when they are playing with their children.

Life can be very funny. But if you're constantly stressed out or harried, you can miss much of the fun going on around you. Why deny yourself this delightful and rejuvenating aspect of life? Try to remain in good spirits even when confronted by aggravating circumstances. Laugh at your mistakes, and encourage others to laugh at theirs, too. Humor is contagious, and a readiness to laugh an endearing and beneficial quality. A little laughter can go a long way toward lightening up a business meeting, easing a tense relationship or getting you through a trying time. Have a hearty chuckle now and then.

You shouldn't keep serious to everything, if you do that, you will be very tired in your life. So why not relax and pay attention on the humor aspect and enjoy the happiness?

Life is just a short process, just like leaves fall off every autumn, life will fall off soon. For we human, what can be more important than happiness?

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  • I agree! Can’t be too serious all the time..

    Cool blog :)

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