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Shane Victorino s Favorite Food – The Top Secret!

Shane Victorino s Favorite Food is what we are curious these days! You know, I can't believe it, when I searched on Google today, I found thousands if not millions of people search the key phrase Shane Victorino s Favorite Food! So we can see how popular Shane Victorino is.

In case you don't know much about Shane Victorino, here is a brief description from Wikipedia:

Shane Patrick Victorino (born November 30, 1980 in Wailuku, Hawaii) is an outfielder in Major League Baseball who plays for the Philadelphia Phillies. He is a switch-hitter and throws right-handed.

Victorino's strongest attribute on the baseball diamond is his impressive speed, both in the outfield and on the bases. This comes as no surprise, since he is a former Hawaii state high school track and field champ (Spring, 1999) for St. Anthony High School in the 100 m, 200 m, and 400 m dashes. His 100 m time (10.80) was also a state record. He has been consistently clocked at 3.7-3.8 sec. from home to first right-handed. He also has a strong arm, with 24 career outfield assists.

Now you've known a little more about Shane Victorino, so let's back to the topic – Shane Victorino's Favorite Food.

Will you believe if I tell you that Shane Victorino’s favorite dish is Spam Musubi? I won't believe it if you tell me this, but God knows this is true. Again, Shane Victorino’s favorite food is Spam musubi! This comes as a big surprise to lot of fans. During a recent Philadelphia Phillies/Los Angeles Dodgers playoff game, Joe Buck, who was commentating during the game, remarked that Phillies player Shane Victorino’s favorite food is Spam musubi.

Now you know the top secret of our hero Shane Victorino – Spam Musubi. Wow!!!

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