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There Are Too Many Websites!

There are more and more websites on internet, and thousands of websites launched everyday. Their names cover all kinds of industries, and many of them are very strange, but many of them are easy to remember.

The problem is many of the websites are totally rubbish, they are nothing. The webmasters don't care about their websites, they just launch them and let them go their ways. This is a big waste of money and internet resource.

In my opinion, if you won't care about your websites, close them, don't leave on internet to waste others' time.

For me, I always pay much attention on my website, I treat it as my child, so I love it very much.

The ugly thing I have noticed is many good domains are registered, but their contents are very very bad. I hate such things very much. If you want to use that domain name, you should create good contents for it, poor content will harm others' feeling. I won't do such thing.  I hate it.

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