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What Will Our Lives Be If There Is No Internet?

I can't imagine what will my life be without internet. I know I can't live without internet anymore, and I believe many of us can't live without WWW, either.

The technology is developing too fast. We couldn't expect our lives will be like this a few years ago. I still remember I even didn't know how to use computer in 1997. We learnt DOS operating system, I never heard of Windows operating system. There is no doubt that it was very hard for us to learn DOS, since we were very young and new to computer.

What a thing! Now I can even say that I am good at using computer, especially internet. I am not good at living in real world, but I am good at living on internet. I can say that internet is half of my life. I can't live without it.

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  • I think a lot of people have become “addicted” to the internet. Maybe I am a little too!

    Some days I feel like just turning all of the computers off. I think when I retire I will do that…

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