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World AIDS Day 2008 – Blogger Action

Today is World AIDS Day 2008! As a blogger with compassion, I feel I should do something for those who are struggling with AIDS.

More and more people are living with HIV in the world and new infections continue. What's worse, HIV is a serious long term condition and people living with HIV often face discrimination. Now I believe it's time to do something to end HIV prejudice and stop the spread of HIV.

Every time when I saw the real life of those people who are infected with HIV, I can't help crying. I feel very angry when people look down upon them. What are we human if we lose our compassion?  What if you are in their case? So before you judge people, think about it twice.

If you are still full of hesitation to help them, let's watch some videos now, hope you will change your mind after watching these videos.

Prayer of the Children

dare you to move- children in africa

Prayer of Children

I always believe the meaning of our life is not about what we get, it's all about what we give. Give you love and compassion to those who need them, you will own the world. I think this is also the meaning of World AIDS Day.

As usual, I donate all of my earning today to the charitable organization, hope they will be helpful for those people who are struggling with AIDS.

We shouldn't keep silent on such a special day! Do something for those people, Okay? They need your love. Let our world be full of love, let's unite together to help people who need help, I believe our tomorrow will be better!

What do you say?

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