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Search Images and Win Wacom Bamboo with 123RF

You are searching all kinds of images on internet every day, but have you ever thought about winning some gifts when you search images? Of course you haven't. So here is a surprise we want to tell you. Recently a very popular image search engine 123RF.com launches a contest called 123rf Search and Win. You have chance to win something while you search images on this search engine. They give out 10 packages of 20 123RF credits worth $20 and 1 Wacom Bamboo worth $79 to be given away DAILY!It's quite funny and interesting, isn't it?

Well, the process is quite simple, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3:
1. Search for images at 123RF.com as usual.
2. The search engine will display a list of thumbnails related to the search parameters given.
3. Lucky members will be shown a special thumbnail of the eligible prize which will appear at random times once every day.
4. Lucky members MUST click on the thumbnail and follow the instructions to claim the prize.

There is another way you can win, that is, you refer some people to join this contest, if they win, you win too.

Don't you want to get a surprise? If you do, this search and win contest is right for you. Don't you want to win a Wacom Bamboo? Use Bamboo to transform your thoughts into powerful digital communications. Touch the pen tip to the tablet to handwrite notes, mark up digital documents, make quick sketches, and sign your name. If you answer is YES, you should join this contest right now!


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