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Slave Of House

I don't know whether you have realized that you are a slave of your house or not. For me, I have seen many of us modern people become slaves of houses. This is a truth, a cruel truth.

In order to live comfortable, you are fighting for a house all your life, of course you can't afford a house by your shying salary, so you have to apply for Mortgages and work for them all your life. This is exactly what the modern life is. In other words, we can't say it is a bad thing for some people, because they are sure they can pay for them. And consume in advance could be a wonderful life style.

But for most of us, it means we have to be slaves of our houses, we have to work very very hard for them. So I can't see any benefit of modern life. Wha's your opinion? Can you see any good about our current life?

I think we must make some changes for our lives, they should be like this, but what should they be like? I've no idea. I will pursue for this and fight for it.

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