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Why Don’t I Work In Government?

Nearly all of my relatives persuade me working in government. They told me I will get power and money if I work in government, because I will be the country's man. I laughed at them loudly every time they told that. Yeah, I do want to laugh at them. I laugh at them because of their ignorance about me.

They know nothing about me. Of course I know they wish I could live a good life. But the point is I look down the life working in government. This is the most important thing. You know why? Here is the reason. I think there are too many people working in government, this is why we are paying so many tax. What is government? I don't think government is a must existence. Another thing, I feel that most people working in government are equal to beggars.

Now you know why I  hate to work in government, but I believe my relatives won't understand me. What a world!

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