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Who Am I?

I am not a guy who has no minds of his own.

I am not a guy who lives in real world without dreams.

I am not a simple guy as my friends often say.

I graduated from a university in July, 2007. But I think I hadn't learned any useful knowledge in classroom.

I am a guy who loves travel, he will travel all over the world.

I am a guy who can say to himself “cowboy, you are really something!” when he is old.

I am a guy who has a lot of dreams but have no ability to let all of them come true, but he is still trying his best to let most of them come true.

I am a guy who doesn't like to follow others' steps, he is living following his deep heart.

I am a guy whose biggest wish is helping those people who need help.

I am a guy who is trying his best to live a happy life without regret.

I am a guy whose life deems to be ended in 2057 when he is 75 years old.