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70 Most Beautiful Songs In The World

I know you guys are wondering what are the most beautiful songs in the world, and you must have done some searches but you haven't got a complete and professional list. So here I want to share a complete list of 70 most beautiful songs in the world with you. Hope you like these songs too.

01 The Power Of Love———————Celine Dion
02 Rhythm Of The Rain——————–Jason Donovan
03 because i love you———————Shakins Stevens
04 Take my breath away——————-Berlin
05 Casablanca—————————Bertie Higgins
06 Can You Feel The Love Tonight————Elton John
07 Right Here Waiting ———————Richard Marx
08 Unchained Melody———————-Righteous Brothers
09 more than i can say———————Leo Sayer
10 Sealed Whth A Kiss———————Bobby Winton
11 The Sound of Silence——————–Simon & Garfunkel
12 i Do it For You ————————Bryan Adams
13 Yesterday Once More ——————-Carpenters
14 Lemon Tree—————————Fool's Garden
15 la paloma—————————-Julio Igles
16 Scarborough Fair———————-Sarah Brightman
17 Hotel California ———————–The Eagel
18 Last Christmas————————Wham!
19 River of Babylon ———————–Boney M.
20 I swear ——————————All-4-One
21 How deep is your love——————-Bee Gees
22 Every Breath You Take ——————-Sting
23 One Sweet Day————————-Marian Carey&Boyz II Men
24 Sailing——————————-Rod Steward
25 TAKE A BOW ————————–Madonna
26 Say i love you but i lied——————Michael Bolton
27 No matter What————————Boyzone
28 Angel——————————–Sarah McLachlan
29 Hero———————————Mariah Carey
30 Kiss from a rose————————Seal
31 Longer——————————-Dan Fogelberg
32 i Believe i can fly———————–R.Kelly
33 Unbreak My Heart———————-Toni Braxton
34 All out of Love————————-Air Supply
35 Promise don't come easy—————–Caron Nightingale
36 Don't Know Much———————–Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville
37 Change The World———————-Eric Clapton
38 Everytime i Close my Eyes—————-Babyface
39 Just When I Needed You Most ————Randy Vanwarmer
40 Colors of the Wind———————Vanessa Williams
41 You're Still The One ——————–Shania Twain
42 Better Man—————————-Robbie Williams
43 Without you—————————Marian Carey
44 Smooth Operator ———————-Sade
45 Tears in Heaven———————–Eric Clapton
46 Ocean Deep————————–Cliff Richard
47 There You’ll Be————————Faith Hill
48 The One you Love———————Glenn Frey
49 I Will Always Love You——————Whitney Houston
50 Even if my Heart would Break————Aron Neville
51 Truly, Madly, Deeply—————–Savape Garden
52 Baby can i Hold you——————-Tracy Chapman
53 Careless whisper———————-Wham!
54 Thank You—————————Dido
55 Against all odds———————–Phil Collins
56 My Love—————————–Westlife
57 Another day in paradise—————–Phil Collins
58 Endless love————————-Lionel Richie & Diana Ross
59 When a Man Love a Woman————–Michael Bolton
60 Everytime You Go Away—————–Young.Paul
61 I have Nothing————————Whitney Houston
62 Reflection—————————-Christina
63 Sometimes When we Touch—————Rod Stewart
64 How do i Live————————-Trisha Yearwood
65 Only Love —————————-Trademark
66 From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart ——-Britney
67 Candle in the Wind——————–Elton John
68 big big world————————-Emilla
69 That's Why you Go away —————-Michael Learns To Rock
70 You are not alone———————Michael Jackson

So what do you think about this list? Do you have any better ranking? Why not share with us here?

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  • What about my heart will go on by celine dion
    and when you believe by whitney houston ft mariah carey

  • Heya

    I’ve noticed that most of the songs you have listed are from a while back. I don’t know many of those songs, though I’m trying to listen to all of them now :) I’d like to share some of my favorite songs with you. Here’s my list:

    -Don McLean – Miss American Pie (greatest lyrics ever)
    -A Fine Frenzy – Almost Lover (Great voice, beautiful lyrics)
    -Laura Pausini – La Solitudine (It’s an Italian song, but that doesn’t make it less beautiful!)
    -Bethany Joy Galeotti – Leaving Town Alive (one of my favorites)
    -Billy Currington – People Are Crazy
    -R Kelly – The World’s Greatest
    -Coven – One Tin Soldier
    -Jack Johnson – Do You Remember
    -Anberlin – A Day Late (the acoustic version ;))
    -Ronan Keating – When You Say Nothing At All
    -K’naan – Fatima (It’s a completely different genre, but it’s definitely worth listening to)
    -Adriana Calcanhotto – Eu Fico Assim Sem Voce (Portuguese)
    -Kenny Rogers – The Gambler
    -Oliver James – Greatest Story Ever Told
    -S Club 7 – Never Had A Dream Come True
    -Euson – Both Sides Now (This could be a cover though)
    -Kate Winslet – What If
    -Daughtry – Life After You
    -Oasis – Wonderwall
    -Chris Rice – Go Light Your World

    Right now these are the only ones I can think of :)

  • Gary Jules: Mad World

  • I know a few, some are in a different language though.

    Tears – X Japan
    Forever Love – X Japan
    Jade – X Japan
    The Last Song – X Japan
    Crucify My Love – X Japan
    Without You – X Japan
    Endless Rain – X Japan
    Art Of Life – X Japan
    Longing – X Japan
    Sweet Child O’ Mine – Guns N’ Roses
    Don’t Cry – Guns N’ Roses

  • Thanks all for sharing great songs !
    Here’s my list, hope you love it as much as I do ; )
    Music is the Best !!

    Katie Melua – Just Like Heaven (The Cure Cover)
    Peter Gabriel – In Your Eyes
    The Pretendes – I’ll Stand By You
    The Bird & The Bee – How Deep is Your Love (Bee Gee’s Cover)
    Human League – Together In Electric Dreams
    Coldplay – Beautiful World
    Connie Talbot – Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong Cover)
    Kelly Sweet – We Are One
    Leona Lewis – Somewhere Over The Rainbow
    Olivia Ong – Close To You (The Carpenters Cover)
    Olivia Ong – Fly Me to the Moon (Frank Sinatra Cover)
    Cindy Lauper – True Colours
    Lemon Jelly – His Majesty King Raam (instrumental)
    Six Pence None the Richer – Kiss Me

  • Sorry, That is…
    The Pretenders – I’ll Stand by You
    ; )

  • GOOD jop bop thanks …..

  • they may be great songs but i liked only few and here’s is my list:

    Run-snow patrol
    chasing cars- snow patrol
    everybody’s changing- keane
    try again- keane
    learn you inside out- lifehouse
    everything- lifehouse
    unintended- muse
    excuses- the morning benders
    dare you to move- switchfoot
    boston- augustana
    human- the killers
    these are only few songs which i regard to be nice

  • The Luckiest – Ben Folds

    Makes me tear up every time :’)

  • Annie Lennox – Why

  • Fly- Celine Dion(:

  • Beck- BlackHole
    The Beatles- A Day in the Life
    Radiohead- All I Need
    Radiohead- In Limbo
    Radiohead- Subterranean Homesick Alien
    Radiohead- Kid A
    Radiohead- Nude
    Radiohead- House of Cards
    Radiohead- Exit Music

    Yes, I love Radiohead. They create the most beautiful art i have ever experienced. Try this drug.


  • Iris – Goo Goo Dolls <3

  • For me, the most beautiful songs ever are “All The Way 4U” by Poets of the Fall (and please ignore the textspeak name, it really is a genuinely beautiful rock ballad with a breathtaking second half), “The Fifth Heaven” by Emma Shapplin (rather difficult to get hold of, but if you can find it it’s well worth listening to), and “You Make Me Feel” by Archive. I couldn’t choose between them, though, as they’re all just incredibly powerful and haunting.

  • Heres my list :P I always listen them with gf …enjoy:)

    Enrique Iglesias-Hero
    Rod Steward-Sailing
    Richard Marx-Right Here Waiting For You
    Plain White T’s-Hey There Delilah
    Westlife-You Raise Me Up
    Ellie Goulding-Your Song (gf likes version from Ewan Mcgregor)
    Bryan Adams-Everything I Do I Do It For You
    Glee-Total Eclipse Of The Heart

  • i like listening to these a lot:
    stay with me__goran karan
    here without you__3 doors down
    hello__lionel richie

  • yes Marky you right!!! the best song for me are:Westlife-You Raise Me Up,Bryan Adams-Everything I Do I Do It For You,massari-real love and the song from Mariah carey and Brithney spears!!)

  • You forgot Wisztrock. The fist song on Hits 1. Click to hear:



  • hahahaha…..very funny list….may be these are 70 most beautiful songs from western world. The list not considering other part of the world. In eastern countries there is a long tradition of music. Even now western music cannot get the heights of music in indian sub-continent and persian music.

  • morning has broken could have been included

  • My favorite song is ‘ami banglai gaan gai ‘ and will always be because i’m a Bangladeshi…….and please hear it once!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Your list is pretty good. However, these beautiful songs should not be left out :
    Hear you me- Jimmy eat world
    Mad world- Gary Jules
    She’s the one- Robbie Williams
    Autumn Leaves- Ed Sheeran
    Poison- The All American Rejects
    While We were dreaming- Pink Mountaintops
    Fields of Gold- Sting

  • Only songs in English?

    The title says “70 Most Beautiful Songs In The World”, not “70 Most Beautiful Songs In English Language”.

    Anyway, that songs are beautiful, as there are in all countries of the world, thanks for sharing : )

  • Where’s the orchestral music… Listen to the Brave Heart soundtrack, or maybe Lord of the Rings. Pachelbel’s Cannon, anything by Mozart, fur elise… I mean seriously why’d I read this.

  • The Calling-Wherever you will go, especially the acoustic

  • version*

  • I say I say music does not have any language, even if it is not instrumental. I love all sort of songs if the music is appealing to the heart.
    For now I’ll share an Albanian song, which I was looking after for a very long and finally found it, eventhough it is not the original version, it is the copied version of a greek song, but I like more than its original.

    It is called: Di Laj Laj Laj Shqip
    You can search it on youtube.
    If you like this, then I’ll the rest of my favorite songs which are in different languages and will provide their URLs as well.

  • I am surprised that I didn’t get to see this great post on my initial visit. Congratulations on the post and perspectives.

  • Without a doubt, Imagine by John Lennon has to be on the list.

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