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Connecting With Indian

You know, I am planning to hire someone to work for me, so now I am discussing with an Indian using india phone card, he likes to work for me very much, but I don't think he is qualified my job, so what I can do is reject him. Sorry. I will continue to search Indians and see who meet my need.

I find hire someone is not a simple thing, I have to know much about him, know his education background, know what can he do for me, the most hard part is I have to know his character. Maybe I have to hire professional to hire someone for me.

Well, I will still hire Indians, because I think Indians are honest and good trained, they can make everything perfectly, so needn't to worry about my business anymore with their help. So I will continue to connect with Indians, and chat with them, and see whether they qualify my job or not. I don't want to hire someone whose aim is only making money, I need those who has long sight and good technology.

What's your advice, my dear reader? Do you have some experience hiring someone? If so, will you please share it with me here? I'd appreciate for that. Thank you for your kind help. Are you hunting for a job? so why not consider to join me? I believe you will feel very well working with me. What do you say?

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