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Creative Wedding Invitations

I often receive all kinds of Wedding Invitations from my friends, my classmates. To tell the truth, what I am interested in is not the truth that they will marry, but how beautiful their invitations are. Design wedding invitation is a great art, it is not only a piece of paper, it is a masterwork. I haven't received a invitation which is worth my good words. Why can't they make some creative invitations? You know, all of their invitations are similar, no creativity. How boring! Life is an art, why can't we use it?

I did some searches using keyword “creative wedding invitations”, and I found some really creative and personalized invitations. Let's enjoy one:

Wedding Invitations

This invitation looks very comfortable and warm, can't you feel this? Since most people can't design their wedding invitations by themselves, so I think wedding invitation design companies must make tons of money from such services. The only thing I hope is their invitations will be more creative, so they can make wedding look professional and warm.

So next time when my friends plan to marry, I will suggest them send me creative personalized invitations, or I won't participate in their weddings, I swear.

What do you say? Do you have any ideas about the designation of your wedding invitations? Why not show them here?

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