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I Have Given My Life A Length

One of my colleague asked me “How long do you think is life?”. I didn't feel strange about it when he asked me this question, because I have thought much about life, and now I know what is life and how long it should be.

Take me for example, the length of my life is 75 years, I mean my life will be end when it finishes to run 73 years' road. How do I know that? You can easily think, I have given it a length manually. It's easy to do that, you know it.

How long is a life? This is not a simple question, so the answer can't be simple. Everyone has his own answer. As I said before, the meaning of life is feeling. In other words, life is what you feel it. If you feel good, so life is good, of course, if you feel bad, it is bad, that's all about life.

Now I come to realize that it is not so important to talk about how long a life is, it is more important to think about how to live a good life.

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