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Listening To The Sound Of The Nature

I am dreaming of listening to the sound of the nature. In a sunny day, I sit on a old tree in a forest, birds fly over my eyes, the sunshine irradiate through the high trees, shining on my body, I close my eyes, and breathe softly, slight wind flows over my face, I hear a sound from the nature, saying to me “enjoy every minute staying with me.” It is much better if there is a Chinese GuZheng beside me, so I can play it.


When evening comes, I will still stay there and feel how dark cover my body. I hope I can see the moon, I mean the moon will shine me with her light. A cup of tea is beside my hand, I will play Guzheng with my calm fingers. I will play a poem named Wish We Stay Together Longer, this is poem written by a famous poet of Chinese, who lived in Tang dynasty.

Wish We Stay Together Longer

At this time, I am melt with the nature, I can feel clearly who I am and what I am going to do. That's a wonderful experience!

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