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Pornography-detection Tool SurfRecon Makes Your Computer Be Healthier

We have to admit that our computer is not as healthy as we expect. But you do need a healthy computer, especially if you have children, it is very important for you to make sure they can't browse pornography.

You are always confused by this problem, because you've noticed that internet filters cannot filter everything. You know, a recent US Government study ( http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/15721799/ ) concluded that even the best filters could only filter/block 91% of adult websites, leaving 9% or more unfiltered. Those numbers become more important when you realize that 9% of the available Internet pornography could be as many as 100 million pornographic images and videos!

Now you want to ask if there are some tools that can totally filter pornography, the answer is YES. One of such tools is SurfRecon, which is a pornography-detection tool. This tool provides a level of detection combined with the filter's protection: PROTECTION + DETECTION is the ultimate solution for internet safety. What's more, it can also allow you to scan a computer system and see what the filter missed. If a child or spouse is using an anonymous proxy or some other application to sneak a peak at adult content–or if they are simply using a CD-Rom, external hard drive, or thumb drive to hide porn on your computer–SurfRecon will find it!

With SurfRecon installing in your computer, your computer will be healthier, and both you and your children can enjoy a healthy surfing environment. So what are you still waiting for? Why not take action and get what you need immediately?

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