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Someone Pay Too Much Attention On Their Looking

I can see that many people pay too much attention on their looking, especially women. They always worry about that they are not perfect, they think others are better looking than them, so they take rhinoplasty and they spend hundreds of dollars on their hairs. These years such phenomenon becomes more and more popular.

The reason? I don't know, but I think it is human nature, “Everyone likes beauty”. Another reason I think is many people become rich enough to pay for what they want.

But for me, I like what creation give me, I don't plan to decorate myself, I'd like to be a natural guy. You know, I like nature, I don't like human behavior. So ‘d rather spend more time on creating my life, other than my looking. For me, looking is worth nothing. I can't use it as food and clothes. It is just for others. I know I don't have good looking, this is why I say like this. And I don't regret for this. I accept it with a calm heart.

What's your opinion, my dear reader?

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