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There Are Too Many People In The World!

Today is Saturday, like everybody, I love it. To kill time, I go to shopping and take a walk along the street. It's not a good experience, in fact, very awful. Why? Because there are too many people in the streets, everywhere is full of people, normal and common and dying people! I can't relax myself as I wish because this cloud of people blocked my view. I can't enjoy the beautiful scene today.

It’s Me!

We must decrease population! Or we will live like ants. Well, here is my view on decreasing population:

We should first encourage people make more sons and daughters, when there are more and more people in the world, then they will have no ability to upbring their sons and daughters, then they will give up making sons and daughters. So population will decrease. This is the only way to deal with population problem in my mind.

You can see how many there are from this picture I took today.

Too many people

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