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Travel Is The Meaning Of My Life

After 2 days' travel, I realize that travel is the meaning of my life. I saw the sea this time, it's beautiful. I will talk my travel in details on another article later, now I just want to say what I've learned from this travel.

Yeah, we are working very hard all days, the goal is earn more money, but the cruel truth most of us don't know how to spend the money we've earned, so we continue to work even harder, we gradually become slaves of money in the end. I was the man like this before, but now I'm totally changed. I won't work for money again, I will let money work for me, so I can pursue my dreams.

Needless to say, my dream is travel, I believe it is worth spending most of my money on travel, so I won't regret when I am old.

What do you say?

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