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What Should I Say On My Tombstone?

Everyone is going to die one day, no exception, let's face it. Don't be shy to talk about death, it is not an awful thing, it is a real thing. Let's just treat it as travel, dating, fashion or something else if you like. So here is one question in my mind, what should I write for my tombstone? That is what should my epitaph be? I don't want boost myself. So I'd better be honest as I always be.

Now I am counting how many things I did that were not following my heart and if I have any regret. In fact, it's very hard for me to remember so many things in such short time. I will try my best to remember, if I forget some of them, please forgive me. I think about it for many times, now here will be my tombstone and epitaph:

My Epitaph

Since I have created my epitaph, I must behave following it. There is no doubt I will follow my epitaph and my heart. And I won't die in any case until 2057 when I am 75 years old. Now I know I still have 50 years' time to live, so I will try my best to live a meaningful and happy life in my left time.

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